Jordi Gratacos-Roig (1952 - 2xyz) BCN
Digital CEU - Cartography.UB. 06-07
Master in Academic Policy University UB 04-05
Titular Professor of Graphical Computer Science & CAD 91
Master in Chemical Computer Science by IQS & Harvard 89
Lawyer and PhD in Pharmacy UB 80/90
Public Position
Coordinator of Teacher Training Faculty of FBA 08-
Director of the Department of Drawing 05-09
Secretary of the Studies's Council of FBA 05-06
Commission's President of Technologies of FBA 00-08
Researcher CR-POLIS 98-
Lab. Trat. Comput. Graphics Science (TIGA-Lab) 89-08
Center of Digital Documentation of the Drawing 00-
Postgraduate of Advanced Digital Drawing  01-04
Computers of Fine Arts Faculty 05-08
Computer Science of Fine Arts Faculty 97-05
Project Manager of Computers UB 92-97
Computer Science of Geog-History-Philosofy 87-92
Member of The
Catalan Society of Biology 2007-2012
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Curriculum in Català
Curriculum in Spanish
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 Head of Fine Arts Classroom Computers (05 -)
 Technical Adviser of Projects TEAM of the UB, Educational Innovation GAIU (95-05)
 Computer Science Classroom of Fine Arts (97-04)
 Computer Science Technical adviser of the UB (86-05)
 Technical Adviser Evaluation of the Teaching Staff of the UB (90-01)
 Programming in Companies of the Public and Deprived Sector (73-00)
 Computer Science Classroom of Geography-History-Philosophy-Education & Psychology of the UB (87-92)
 Theses Directed
4. Doctoral Thesis of Meritxell Rosich-Sole (2008): Art Dimensions: an examination of spatial representation technologies and  their applications in art.
    Department of Drawing. Universitat of Barcelona. Qualification: Excellent Cum Laude unanimously.
3. Doctoral Thesis of Jordi Font-Andreu (2007): Technological Impact of CAD in Learning of Engeeniering Graphical Expression.
    Department of Drawing. Universitat of Barcelona. Qualification: Excellent Cum Laude unanimously.
2. Co-direction of the Doctoral Thesis of Encarna Garcia-Montoya (2000): Optimization, Validation and Modeler of a manufacture process
    of tablets. Development of an interactive application multimedia in Pharmacy,
    Department of Industrial Pharmacy. Universitat of Barcelona. Qualification: Excellent Cum Laude unanimously.
1. Doctoral Thesis of Fernando Julian-Perez (1999): Influence of Graphical Computer science in industrial product Design,
    Department of Drawing. Universitat of Barcelona. Qualification: Excellent Cum Laude unanimously.
0. My Doctoral Thesis (1990): Estudio del estado actual, proyecto de formacion y perspectivas de futuro de la Informatica Farmaceutica,
    Department of Physical-Chemistry. Universitat of Barcelona. Qualification: Excellent Cum Laude unanimously.
Program of Enterprise Management: Invoicing, Stocks and Sales
 Program of Management of Offices of Pharmacy
Control program of Industrial Manufacture  Program of Medicamentosas Interactions
Control program Higrotimétric for Museums  Program of Medicamentosas Interactions in Embarazo and Lactancia
Software of Managment & Processing Images  Hypertensive control program
Articles of Computer Science Applied in Rev. Tecnicas de Laboratorio (12)  Articles of Pharmaceutical Interactions (82)
Section Coordinator of Computer Science in Tecnicas de Laboratorio  Development of computer science networks for Pharmacy
Themes of  TIGA 1-2-3-4-5-6. 99
 Faculty of Fine Arts UB
Program AVALUA 1,0 of Educational Management for the UB. 93  Department of Drawing UB
Program GIS for its geographic and informative application. 92  Laboratory of TIGA UB
Control program of the Institutional Evaluation System of Teachers Univ. 91  Catalan Association of Book-Plates
 Tractement Electronic Microscopy & Confocal Microscopy with Photoshop. Barcelona. Parc Cientific de Barcelona. 2008.
 Digital Photography. Graphispack'98 invited. Technical Sessions Graphispack.
 Writing and its space. Calaceite. Foundation NOESIS. 1990.
 Virtual Scripture and hypertext. Cáceres. University of Extremadura. 1991.
 The Interactions of Pharmaceutical Drugs. MICOF-BCN. (Submitted by PhD. Federico Mayor Zaragoza [UNESCO Chair]). 1990.
Given   Received
Courses of Formation in Digital Image Processing. 2009 Detection of training needs. ICE-UB 2009
Electronic Microscopy. Researchers of PCB and all de world. 2008 Modeled in 3D with SolidWorks. CimWorks 2003
Computer Science Recycling. PDI and PAS of UB 1997-2004 Programming and Managment Multimedia. UPC 2001
Digital Photography. Instit. d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Cat. 1994-2000 Managment of Networks of High Speed. Ministry of Com. and Public Works 2000
Courses of Formation in TIC and SIC. Public Admin. 1985-2009 Programming in parallel. Center of Super-computing of Catalunya 1998